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GRACE (2019) | Concept Film

When James finds an abandoned child in his living room, their quest to track down her mother brings on a life changing decision that tests the limits of human kindness.

This heartwarming short concept film has been the winner of multiple awards worldwide and is still on the festival circuit through 2020/21. It is also currently being developed into a feature film.

JUST BETWEEN US (2018) | Official Trailer

An unadventurous people-pleaser and her childhood friend set off on a road-trip with the ghost of her late sister.

Winner of the Indie Spirit Award at the New Hope Film Festival 2019 and nominated for Best Picture, Best Comedy and Best Foreign Film and for Best Direction in a Feature Film at the Australian Director's Guild Awards 2018.

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SAFE (2015) | Short Film

In an abandoned warehouse, four career criminals lament over the finer details of the perfect heist. No detail has been overlooked, everyone has their job. One night of planning and one night to pull it off. What could go wrong?

A multiple-award winning heist short all over the globe with a place in the Top 50 films for Tropfest 2016. 

RELAX & BE CALM (2014) | Short Film

Virgil Vengus is having the worst day of his life, but some calming pharmaceuticals may struggle to improve matters.

Highly influenced by the likes of The Keystone Cops, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chase and of course the man to whom the film is dedicated, the late great Charlie Chaplin, this Christopher Kay film is an homage to the bygone era of cinema.

METER (2013) | Short Film

Starring Australian comedians Greg Fleet & Dave Callan, three dull criminals are all about breaking the law when they plan to rob a bank, but when a parking space becomes a problem, they realise that sometimes it pays to follow the rules.

This comedic short film made the Top 100 Australian Shorts of 2014 at the St Kilda Film Festival.

AUDIO COMMENTARY (2013) | Short Film

In a time where human beings are part of an ever-growing network of communication, one man appears to have regressed into an internal dialogue, becoming increasingly cynical about everything in his life and the world he is forced to act normal in.

As well as being a firm festival favourite, this comedy film's concept in sound was also the basis for a university paper by Christopher Kay called 'Eyed Ears'.