From a very young age, I wanted to tell stories.


It came across in the short stories I wrote as far back as primary school, where even if it was a cobbled together story stolen from various influences, there was always a narrative of sorts and a 'point' to it. After studying film and learning the craft of writing, directing, producing and editing, I set off to make TV shows, short films, and eventually a feature film that was screened both in its homeland of Australia and abroad in various countries. After taking on an important project about an abandoned child entitled 'Grace' with a group of very special people in 2019, it won awards, and was slated to become a feature film itself. But soon-after the world changed forever.

What then followed was what I could only refer to as a 'collective awakening', where slowly many have realised that for years, the films, TV and entertainment and iconic figures we so revered, were the reason for our brainwashed programming. Fiction was all well and good, but as a storyteller, maybe it's time I started telling the purest truth.

My debut documentary 'Anavasi' is currently in pre-production and is an in-depth look at everything currently happening around humanity, and where the collective unconscious is headed. My team and I are looking forward to sharing this with you soon.


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